Ella Baker — 'Give light and people will find the way'
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About Me

Magdalena Dzieciuchowicz Yoga Teacher

About ME

My name is Magda. I am a Yoga Teacher and Holistic Therapist for both children and adults. My work for me is the love of my life.


Like most of us – I am a Dreamer. I am curious about the world, the nature of our human hearts and minds and that curiosity has led me to a never-ending journey of learning, exploring and studying the secrets of life. I’m open to new surprises and I have learned not to judge others knowing that everyone makes mistakes including myself. I love nature which has made me choose this path of yoga, vegetarianism and holistic health and I’m trying to learn to love everyone and everything in a deeper way… sometimes I fail and sometimes I succeed on this path… but I never give up!

What do i do?

I live my dream everyday which is certainly not as easy as I thought it would be. I am a Yoga Teacher and Holistic Therapist for both children and adults which I find very rewarding and challenging at the same time.

WhEN has Soul Lighthouse StaRTed?

I had my first encounter with yoga at the age of 8. Back then I was fascinated by the physical aspect of yoga and admired its amazing abilities on the human body. In my late teens I started to study Indian philosophy which opened my mind to the ancient world of wisdom in the Far East. In order to reconcile theoretical knowledge with practice I went on my first journey to India in 2008 and explored the roots of yoga tradition. It was due to my desire to share yoga with others that inspired me to complete my Yoga Teacher Training Course for Adults and Children.

Ever since 2008 I have been visiting India regularly to learn more about the origins of yoga. In 2013 I attended a Reflexology Course in India which I found very beneficial for my own health. When I came back to Ireland I then decided to train myself in this field and became a fully qualified therapist in 2014. 

Since then I have tried to constantly learn new skills and share them inside my classes or treatments with everyone I encounter.  

What is Soul Lighthouse?

Soul Lighthouse is my life’s project where I provide yoga classes, creative workshops and holistic treatments both for children and adults.

Why Soul Lighthouse?

Lighthouse is a tower that spreads a beam of light to guide the sailors safely to their destination. Soul Lighthouse was created to help us realise that we all have that inner navigation system inside ourselves and we can safely reach our destination if we truly follow our inner light. It is a one-man (or rather one-woman:) company which was created to support every person on their own journey of re-discovering their inner light so they can eventually become like a lighthouse for the world we live in. This idea was inspired by many people who have contributed to the world’s beauty by giving their time, energy and light to do good for others. It is my true desire to share whatever I know and whatever skills I have to assist others on their journey. Through yoga classes, workshops and holistic treatments I aim to give everyone a chance to slow down, find their inner light and SHINE!