Ella Baker — 'Give light and people will find the way'


Please read what others say about Soul Lighthouse:

Yoga Classes and Courses:

“Magda is a great yoga teacher, who has helped me a lot with my back problems. Always feel happy & relaxed after class” Samantha Girvan, age 28

“Looked forward to this space in the week” Kevin, age 49

“Excellent course that has been a great way to take a moment and focus on me and my well being in an otherwise stressful world” Johanna Gillen, age 34

“Very knowledgeable, calm teacher” Mandy Corcoran, age 52

“Excellent teacher and very enjoyable class. Look forward to it every week.” Sandra Foley, age 51

Baby Massage Classes:

“I couldn’t recommend enough. Me and Hugo had fantastic time. I learnt how to help my baby with belly pain, reflux and how to relax him with massage technics.” Anna Harenczyk & Baby Hugo :)

“Magda is very warm and kind person - she makes the classes enjoyable” - Angelika Zimolag & Baby Sophie :)

“A lovely way to bond with my baby, and a fussy baby massage has also been a godsend for helping with the wind! Magda is super at making people feel comfortable and at ease, her presence is very calming. I’m very grateful for the timing of the course. Having an infant can be so overwhelming so it’s lovely to have a way to interact and bond so positively. Thanks Magda!!!” Sinead English and Baby Saoirse :)

“I loved learning different techniques of massage and bonding with my baby while using them. My baby didn’t like massage in the first class and fussed a lot. But from the second class onwards she loved it and even relaxed so much she sometimes fell asleep. I learnt that I shouldn’t give up on something after trying it once with her and that she is happy to try new things. Magda was friendly and welcoming from every second we arrived and always ensured that everyone was comfortable at all times - even bringing us snacks after each class! She also assured everyone that we could stop at any time to feed our babies if necessary. She also began each class with short relaxing technique and asking us all to speak about our week which helped everyone in the class bond and feel comfortable. I really enjoyed the class and found Magda to be a wonderful instructor who was always positive and helpful in every way. I’d encourage parents to try massage classes as they are a lovely way to get to know other parents and to learn new skill you can practice with your baby.” Aoife Bannon & Baby Ayda :)

“I liked small group and the relaxed atmosphere Magda created, learning baby cues, when she is ready for massage, what helps her with gas & colic. Magda made sure I felt comfortable from the start. Letting me know where I can feed/change baby (as this is always on the mind of a new mother) and to treat space as if it were home. For me the class was perfect. Relaxed and informative. I found the classes very enjoyable as Magda created relaxed atmosphere. I liked the other discussions we had about our babies and ourselves.” Celine Carroll & Baby Freya :)

Family Yoga

“I go to Magda's wonderful yoga classes. I highly recommend them. My daughter (10) has come to the family yoga session with me and she loved it too.” Louise Farrell

Sound Bath

“I attended a sound gong bath session in Community Well. Really enjoyed it and it was such a nourishing hour and a half away from my baby!!! Well worth and super handy to get to. The room is warm and welcoming and Magda who runs it is just lovely.” Gillian Farrell


“Had a wonderful relaxing neck, shoulders and back Indian head massage this morning with Magda! Amazing! I’d highly recommend it!” Sharon McBride

Pregnancy Yoga

“So my angel arrived last Wednesday. Simona 3.5kg. Delivery was 5h all natural. Yoga and your kindness helped a lot.” Beatrice & Simona : )

“Well I gave birth to a beautiful little baby boy on Friday the 17th of August at 9.16am just two pushes and he was out. Was a long 20 hours plus labour but I used all my yoga techniques to get me through and that brilliant YouTube video you sent me to listen to. And they all really helped especially the move on all 4s rotating hips with breathing. Thank you very much for the brilliant yoga classes. And I will probably see you at the baby massage. Lots of love.” Heather, David and Baby Daithi :)

“Thank you so much for all your support during my pregnancy and after the birth of Jake. It’s something I’ll never forgot. You truly made the journey a lot easier.” Sharon and Baby Jake :)

“I feel nice and relaxed now and ready to give birth, thanks to all you thought me over the last few months. Thanks very much for all your brilliant help and advice, think I would have panicked without your assistance. I will stay in touch with you now, also bring the baby into one of your classes after he or she is born, so excited now. I'm delighted I took your class, had you as my mentor and friend.” Angela & Baby Gino :)