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Baby Massage Course
to 2 Dec

Baby Massage Course

5 week Baby Massage Course

Starts on Friday 4th of November at 10am @ Community Well Studio, Donabate

Touch is one of the most significant and nurturing early experiences your baby will have. Research has shown that these early experiences can affect many aspects of our lives. Nurturing touch has long-term benefits and can impact how we think, feel, and relate to others, and most importantly, how we value and care for ourselves. Infant massage greatly enhances the early bonding relationship between parents and caregivers and their babies. By using gentle, tactile stimulation along with loving verbal communication, a wonderful bonding experience is shared. Strokes can be either stimulating or relaxing, depending on your baby’s needs and developmental level.

Infant Massage benefits your baby in the following specific ways:

*Relief for Colic & Wind
*Balances Emotions
*Aid Sleep Patterns
*Soothes Baby
*Builds Immunity
*Helps Gain Weight
*Aids The Bonding Process
*Assists recovery from Post-Natal Depression

The aim of this course, apart from giving you a wonderful lifetime skill, is also to create space to meet other parents and babies from your local community, exchange your experiences of being a parent first or another time round, give and receive advice and share the joys and challenges of parenthood:)

During five one hour sessions you will learn different massage techniques and receive course notes together with organic baby massage oil.

Course Fee: 100eur (most of health care providers refund the costs of the course in full or partially - please check your health insurance policy)

For more information or to book please contact Magda by:

Email: soul.lighthouse.info@gmail.com
Mobile: 087 32 67 237

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